Brian Diva Cox

Chef, Actor, and Social Media Manager in Portland, Oregon

Brian Diva Cox

Chef, Actor, and Social Media Manager in Portland, Oregon

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Hello my name is Brian Diva Cox, and welcome to my page! I just wanted to take some time and give some info about myself. Over my career I have created several notable websites under the umbrella of Magic’s Enterprises, Inc., which have now been renamed BrianDivaCox, Inc. was an internet based reality TV show which consisted of cameras running 24hrs in my home. The show ran successfully for 13 years, and accumulated a great deal of the content some of which can be still be found on my YouTube Channel “BrianDivaCox”

MagicsWebhosting was an initiative to give back to my fans and friends fast, reliable, and affordable web solutions to people who wanted to stake out their own claims on the net. We offered very affordable hosting and customer service that rivaled many larger hosting services at that time at a fraction of the cost.

MagicsRadio was created because of my love of being on air, and my love of music. Magicsradio offered me the opportunity to advance the careers of many new and unknown artists. Along with the promotion of new artists we also gave inexperienced workers who were interested in radio careers, behind the scenes operations of a modern radio station.

Brian&JennShow was an all-around radio show that included call-in segments, music, pranks, and fun for listeners. Also because of the internet component we offered a unique ability to have instant connection and conversation with our fans and listeners. They would ask and request things and they would happen as if by “Magic”

BrandonBrianSho:2 guys just having fun talking about random stuff.

Many have called me a reality celebrity. I have a huge social media following and I am somewhat of local enigma and celebrity in the Portland area. My hobbies and loves include making videos of my life and my friend’s lives. I am hoping that thru my videos and social interactions I can offer help to others, maybe someone is struggling with an issue I have already tackled or a problem that they are afraid to face they can learn something from my experiences. feel free, to add, plus, follow, or facebook me!

Thanks for your love and support.

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